Helping superwomen drop the cape!

As a certified holistic health strategist, I love to help educators TAKE BACK their wellness & vitality! I help overwhelmed educators see their reflection then teach them to take back their power! Want to take this journey together?

I am the creator and founder of The Restored Tribe® Bookclub, "Restore Your Body," “Detox Your Mind”, my signature wellness coaching program + more.

"Restore Your Body” masterclass is a complete personal development for both your spiritual and physical wellness. Entry into this class will give you access to my 6-Step Game Plan. The “Detox Your Mind” coaching program offers transformative solutions on how to: make healthy decisive responses, embrace vulnerability, calm confidence, and access to my 4-Step Inner Peace Incubator (IPI) framework. Here you move intentionally from burnout to balanced...toxicity to wellness...and overwhelm to overflow!

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